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God Bless America
America The Beautiful, Star Spangled Banner, My Country 'tis of Thee, .Stars and Stripes Forever, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Grand Ole Flag, Pledge, Patriotic Quotations Video, *Director’s Cut

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American DiariesVideo Diaries

Watch inspiring video diaries that remind us of the Pride, Passion and Promise for our great country. **NEW** American Boys' Chorus Performance.

Appleton Wisconsin received the 2008 - 2009 City of the Year Award - America's Most Patriotic CityAmerica's City of the Year "Appleton, WI"

Peter Smith, President of America The Beautiful presents the distinguished Award to the city of Appleton amidst a Patriotic tribute.

Nana's home! Cpt. Barbara Morales with her grandson, Kai.Your Stories of Patriotism

Submit your Story of Patriotism and Pride in the United States of America. Click on the photo to read amazing patriotic messages.

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American Spirit

The American Video Celebration:
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Your-town Heros

Flag and roses

Unsung Heros:
Do you know someone who is making a difference in your community?

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America the Beautiful - Goes Green with Flag Recycling

Let America The Beautiful help keep the world GREEN:
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America Minute

Great Videos for your school: Join Sidney and Madison as they take you on an educational video journey across America!

Fall 2012 News Updates.

America The has moved to our Nation's Capital, Washington, DC Metro Area!

The America The Beautiful Store is now open with the Nation's best prices on quality Flags and Patriotic Products.


Read Stories of Patriotism

Line of FlagsAmerica The features your stories of Patriotism and Love of this great land. Read The Stories>

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Lenexa - one of America's Featured CitiesEach month, we feature links to Great Cities and Chambers of Commerce around our wonderful country for you to view and potentially assist you in the selection of your next vacation or relocation.

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American Diaries - Episode 2

Cub Scouts from Bethel N.C.


Flag on fieldPhotos

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Create a Patriotic Fundraising Program

Freedom Bar Fundraising Program from American Fundraising

American Fund Raising offers a series of truly American Fund Raising Programs that are perfectly suited for your local non-profit organization. No matter if you are a Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Cub Scout organization, a School Group, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), or Sports Booster - we have the perfect program for you that is truly “Timeless” in its appeal. Get Started >

America's Quotes:
Read America's Most Memorable Patriotic Quotations and Tributes Read More >

Welcome to America The Beautiful

Our website is dedicated to inspiring the hearts of all Americans with Videos, Photographic Imagery, Music, Gifts and more. Most of us are easily overwhelmed with the Day-to-Day madness of the world around us and too often overlook the Beauty of this Great Country we live in and the Freedom that we enjoy. Our goal at America The Beautiful .com is to keep the Spirit of America Alive – and we need your help.

What is Patriotism?

Patriotism denotes positive and supportive attitudes to a 'fatherland', by individuals and groups. The 'fatherland' (or 'motherland') can be a region or a city, but patriotism usually applies to a nation and/or a nation-state. Patriotism covers such attitudes as: pride in its achievements and culture, the desire to preserve its character and the basis of the culture, and identification with other members of the nation.

Are you a True Patriot?
Are you doing all you can do?
Send us your story.

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2012 American Patriotic Holidays

02/20/12 - Washington's Birthday
05/28/12 - Memorial Day
06/14/12 - Flag Day
07/04/12 - Independence Day
09/03/12 - Labor Day
09/11/12 - Patriot Day
10/08/12 - Columbus Day
11/11/12 - Veteran's Day


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