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Ernie Hodge, An Ameican Hero

Ernie Hodge served under General George Patton at the Battle of the Bulge during World War 11.  Ernie was severely wounded within a matter of weeks after arriving in Europe from the United States and was the only survivor of his platoon in a brutal attack.  His buddy, with whom he was sharing a foxhole was killed instantly.  Ernie was left for dead for literally hours, amongst the dead before being discovered.

Being the only survivor, and being visited personally by General George Patton in the hospital, God undoubtedly spared Ernie's life for a reason, many reasons which are now obvious, as he today lays in the bed of his home at the age of 82, being cared for his loving wife Alma, and still receives friends, visitors, including school children with all those things they should know.  He does this with an amazing spirit accompanied with a smile.

- Sgt. Jerry L. Hayes, USMC

The Bleached Sail

The date was July 4th, 1976.  The town was Edgewater New Jersey.  As I sat on my uncle’s porch watching Operation Sail, I saw the Eagle coming down the Hudson.  She was so majestic with the tugs in front dispersing red, white, and blue water.  I recall thinking how new her sails looked compared to the boats following....she looked like she was just Cloroxed!

Was there a time more exciting than getting into "The Spirit of 76"?  My uncle had a home on the Jersey side of the Hudson River.  You could see the Empire State Building from the guest window and hear a small brook trickling down to the river.

The town was spruced up for the occasion.  Everyone painted their homes and the town was set up for the celebration.  The weekend of the festivities, the American Legion had their usual July 4th picnic, all the trimmings. They donated flags and placed them three feet apart (my uncle had the yard stick) from one end of the town to the other.  Even the fire hydrants were painted red, white, and blue.

My cousin had a small boat and we went up and down the Hudson waving to all the sailors aboard their native ships.  We were invited to climb aboard the Russian ship.  Of course back then we were all smokers.  I can remember the excitement of the Russians when we gave them our cigarettes!  They in turn gave us a bottle of Russian Vodka.  

Well, the day came and here comes the Tug Boat down the River, we were all so amazed to see the Eagle with it's new sails.  We were so very proud of her...but mostly we were proud to be part of the most memorable time.  You can only imagine the pride our forefathers felt back in 1776!  At first we were silent, then the cheers came, and came, and came.  It was over and we were hoarse!!

I'll never forget that feeling.

- Dee Griswold, FL

A USA Citizen

After hearing Mr. Red Skelton's Pledge Of Allegiance.  It makes me a very grateful person to remember him and his love of America to be able to say God Bless America without fear or shame - but also I am so grateful to live in the U.S.A. I am sad to see and hear what a lot of people have forgotten. I an A Native America meaning  Indigenous Native Of California. My Question to anyone out there is why do we fight our Neighboring Nations, why do we try to keep the people of Mexico out of our Nation they come here for a better life. Is that why THE LADY STANDS IN THE HARBOR in New York, not knowing all the words She Holds but telling the tried, weary to come to this Great Land.

California was once Mexico. We are all one Nation of the Land divided by Make Believe Lines . We have people in our own Nation, that starve every day, many are children. With no homes or shelter to live in we have Children, Elders, People that are sick and need medicine HERE in OUR NATION - But we send care to other Nations and do not take care of our own PEOPLE.  I know People travel this Great COUNTY OF OURS, try taking the back roads of America and see the people that have very little here. I SAY LET ALL WHO WISH TO COME TO THIS LAND AND WORK THIS LAND AND TO GET EDUCATED IN THIS COUNTRY - COME - IS THAT NOT WHY " THE LADY STANDS IN OUR  HARBOR"?  I am not a well educated person but I inspire My Son to get his education and will now do the same for my grandson.

I Am Proud to say yes I Live in THE U.S.A AND AM PROUND TO BE OF THE INDIGINUOS PEOPLE, STILL NOT RECOGNIZED buy THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . I would fight for THIS COUNTRY - any day - just like My Father did and his father did - I have many family members who fought for this country and continue to do so.  I Believe our Children Should say the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and learn way we have always said it, for all the Men and Women who have given there life , their self To keep us safe and out of harms way.

-Delphina Penro, CA

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