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2014 Calendar of Holidays in the United States of America - USA Book Travel with America The Beautiful
Pennsylvania Tourism Video

Pennsylvania Neighboring States  

North                     South                      East                     West
New York
New Jersey
Pennsylvania Welcomes You!

Pennsylvania which is originally known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a state that is located in the North-eastern and Mid-Atlantic areas of the United States. This also includes the Great Lakes region of the country, as well. This state is bordered on the south by Maryland, on the southeast by Delaware, on the northwest by Lake Erie and Ontario, Canada, and West Virginia to the southwest. This state is also bordered by Ohio to the west, New York on the north and New Jersey to the east. Pennsylvania possesses the Appalachian Mountains that run right through the middle of the state itself. The state capital is Harrisburg and the four cities with the most population in the whole of the state are Philadelphia, Allentown, Erie, and Pittsburgh. Another unique fact about this awesome US state is the fact that it is one of the original Thirteen Colonies that was founded between 1633 and 1733 by different interests in England and Great Britain. The Thirteen Colonies are also revered as being the founding political entities for the United States of America.
Some of the famous nicknames that Pennsylvania goes by do include Quaker State, Keystone State, and State of Independence. It is also the first and second of US states to establish very first and second things in America. Two of these very special first and second facts do include the following. Pennsylvania was home to the establishment of the very first college in the United States. This school called the Dickinson College of Carlisle was founded by Benjamin Rush in 1773. It was named after a man named John Dickinson. The second fact is this and that is Pennsylvania was officially the second US state to officially ratify the US. Constitution on December 12, 1787.  
There is also a term called Pennsylvania Dutch and this term was used to describe people of German or Teutonic descent in the state. Germans using their own language called themselves “Deutsch”, which English people misunderstood them as saying “Dutch”, so the term Pennsylvania Dutch kind of stuck even though it was a wrong reference. Nonetheless, it doesn't matter if you are Dutch or no Dutch. If you come and visit Pennsylvania. It is a place that you will love much. So, Welcome from Pennsylvania, no matter what nationality you are!
Pennsylvania is a very diverse state when it comes to tourism and there are tons of things to see and do here. There is a variety of sites and sounds to suit the individual in us all in this multi-faceted state. Some of the key attractions do include The Amish Village in Lancaster County, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks, Choo Choo Barn – Traintown USA in Strasburg, and Claws 'N' Paws Wild Animal Park in the Lake Ariel area. These are just a sampling of the many interesting and fine tourist attractions that are open to visitors.
Lots of history and heritage are also very much alive in Pennsylvania. So, with this said, some of the key points of interest in this respect do include the Gettysburg National Battlefield, The National Civil War Museum, 9 -11 Memorial Garden of Reflection, Admiral Peary Monument, the list goes on. So, if you are a lover of history, this is definitely one of the top US states to see.
Pennsylvania is also an excellent state for lots of outdoor activities that range from exploring historic Crystal Cave to going on a guided tour of Indian Echo Caverns to experiencing Hyner View State Park in the Pennsylvania Wilds. One can also go canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and tubing on the Delaware River.
So, again, it doesn't matter if you're Dutch or not Dutch. Pennsylvania would love for you to come and visit her. Because she is indeed a grand old US state that has the power to awe and fascinate!   
Official Pennsylvania Travel Guide

Pennsylvania Calendar


PENNSYLVANIA State Facts, Symbols, Map and more!

The State of Pennsylvania has played an amazing role in the devel-opment of these United States as model for Democracy and indiv-idual Freedoms & Rights.  The people of this state come together throughout the year to celebrate and share Pennsylvania’s Past and Future with the world in a Grand way at festivals and events.  Their passion and culture will be a highlight of your next trip.     MORE!

Pennsylvania’s History and Culture Create Memorable Events.

Pennsylvania is a state with so much to offer - you will want to spend some time on the road - getting to know her.  On your next roadtrip, break away from the highway and take a drive down one of Pennsylvania's 19 scenic byways. From historic treasures, to national parks, to sandy beaches, each route offers a different view of what our Pennsylvania has to offer.   See More!

Pennsylvania’s Best - can be seen on the Scenic Byways!

Pennsylvania’s Has Amazing History to Share with you!

Allow us to introduce you to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia was the original capital of the United States. Philadelphia has a history enriched with culture, history and symbolism. The city is a melting pot of races, traditions and immigrant cultures and also possesses amenities that only the city's own heritage can provide. It is the home to the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence, both tributes to the city's revolution.

Widely known as Philly, but formerly known as the City of Philadelphia , it is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania . It is also called the City of Brotherly Love '. It holds the following statistics, it is the sixth most populous city in the US , the fifth largest city area by population in the US , the US 's fourth largest consumer media market and ranks 49 th as the most populous city in the world. There are nearly 1.5 million people in the city alone.

Philadelphia is a city that has come "of age" in recent years and regained national recognition on many levels.  Philadelphia is a city that will greet you with welcome arms.  Their patriotic spirit is contagious and genuine.  Make Philly a destination for your future travel plans.   See More!

Featured City: Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania has quite a story to tell. From the battlefields of wars that defined our nation to the engineering marvels that helped build it, you can immerse yourself in the amazing heritage of Pennsylvania. To get you into the story quickly, we've organized heritage and cultural activities by Pennsylvania's eight diverse regions.

Within each region, you'll find a travel itinerary that will take you on a day-by-day journey throughout each unique region. Learn about Pennsylvania's heritage parks, which preserve and promote distinct aspects of Pennsylvania's contributions to America's growth and development. Follow the Trail of History to special historic locations found only in PA. Learn about your heritage, and create a few memorable events of your own.

In each exploration of our eight regions, you'll have the chance to search for historic attractions and events using a search tool. Special deals on travel packages are waiting on the package search.

Plan your path to discovery. Your Pennsylvania vacation has just begun.   See More!

State of Pennsylvania - Enjoy the History of Pennsylvania!
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State capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
2014 Top 10 Events in Pennsylvania including festivals, fairs and special activities. State of Pennsylvania Calendar of Events