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Puerto Rico Tourism Video
PUERTO RICO - U.S. Territory

There is a bit of everything for everyone in the United States territory of Puerto Rico. Whether you love a day of leisure on one of the island’s numerous beaches, or you are looking to go hiking in the canyons or even go caving, beautiful Puerto Rico has these attractions available to you. For the history lovers, there are many historic forts or you could take a tour of the rum distillery. Plus, don’t forget about the numerous museums, restaurants, golf courses and parks that can be found throughout Puerto Rico.

Before Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce de Leon landed here, the island was inhabited by the Arawak people. The island saw a lot of activity since then, including the eventual elimination of the Arawak through disease, hardships and Spanish massacres. The island eventually was ceded to the U.S. after the Spanish-American war and the Treaty of Paris in 1898. The Puerto Ricans were give U.S. citizenship in 1917 and have elected their own governor since 1948.

For a wonderful sightseeing opportunity, you can visit Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, a fort that has been restored to its eighteenth century appearance. The site also has a museum which gives a history of the fort and guided tours are run hourly. You can read the informational brochures available so you can learn more about the history of the fort when you walk through on your own.

There are several different national parks you can visit here including Sun Bay, Luis Munoz Marin Park and the Luquillo Beach which is considered to be one of the best beaches on the island. For state parks, the Cana Gorda State Park has a gorgeous beach with educational and ecological markers posted along the beach. The sand is soft and the water is calm here, and there are designated areas for swimming plus plenty of shade and picnic tables so you can enjoy the day here with your family.

You should also include on your travel itinerary to Puerto Rico a visit to the Rio Camuy Cave Park. Here you will find a 268 acre park which holds subterranean caves that are carved out by the Camuy River. The third largest known cave system the world has to offer, this is a sight you should not miss. Sixteen entrances have been found in the several miles of cave passages that have been explored.

When you want to see America, Puerto Rico with its great cities and rich culture should not be forgotten.

Welcome to golf fantasy.  With Puerto Rico’s stunning landscape and temperate climate - golfers flock to this tropical US Paradise to enjoy the sport and take in the beautiful views that abound on the Island.    View more!

Great Golf in Puerto Rico!

When it comes to Spanish-style colonial charm, few cities in the Western Hemisphere can rival Old San Juan. But that doesn’t mean that Puerto Rico’s historical significance is exclusively within the capital city’s walls. Roughly 100 miles southwest of San Juan, the lovely town of San Germán holds the venerable distinction of being Puerto Rico’s second oldest city.    View more!

San German - Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Imagine a week of swimming in subterranean rivers, rappelling down limestone ravines, zip-lining over a verdant canopy, scuba diving the deepest depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and kayaking into a glow-in-the dark bioluminescent bay.  Now imagine doing it all in one destination. That’s why Puerto Rico does adventure better. View more!

Adventures in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico has some world-renowned  beautiful beaches. The islands of Puerto Rico have every type of beach imaginable: family beaches, sporting beaches, private beaches and romantic bays.  There are beach parks for the family; popular shorelines for people watching and off-the-beaten-path sands untouched by development. View more!

Puerto Rico’s Magnificent Beaches!

Getting to Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico Events Calendar


Puerto Rico Map -- Click map, drag and zoom. Neighboring States

Official Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico Territory Facts, Symbols, Map and more!

Check out Puerto Rico’s travel packages

The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina, Puerto Rico  is Puerto Rico’s major airport, serving as the entry point for most of the  Island’s  visitors. All major domestic carriers including  Delta Airlines, US Airways, Airtran, American Airlines, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and other international carriers serve Puerto Rico, so you can get here from just about anywhere.

There are many direct flights from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico, type in your search dates below for the best airfares for your journies to and from Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico
No Passport Required for US Citizens!