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California Tourism Video

California’s Neighboring States

North                     South                      East                     West

Visit California -and be California Dreaming in No Time!

Located on the west coast of the United States, California is actually the most populous state in the country by a wide margin. It really is no wonder, since it has some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the country. Its distinct geography and diverse climate differentials allow Californians as well tourists the opportunity to surf and sunbathe in the morning and snowboard or ski the same afternoon.

This third largest state in the United States spans an area of 163,696 square miles and is 250 miles wide and 770 miles long. Its borders include the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Redwood Forest on the northwest, the Mojave Desert to the southeast, and the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east and some beautiful lush national parks.

The 1848 Gold Rush brought about extraordinary demographic as well as social changes in California by causing a massive immigration movement, including new Californians from all over the U.S. and abroad. In the early twentieth century, the Los Angeles and specifically the Hollywood area emerged as the Entertainment Center of America and increased tourism exponentially. Later in that century, Silicon Valley emerged as a technology leader, especially in the field of computers. Agriculture became huge in California and, in fact, more than half of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the united states now come from California.

The California beaches are truly legendary and the subject of many popular songs. From San Diego to Santa Barbara, all the beautiful people are flocking to the picturesque California beaches. Venice Beach offers up entertainment and shopping on its colorful boardwalk and the perfect place to exercise on the bike path, where skaters and cyclists unite. And there’s nothing more beautiful than sitting on Venice Beach and watching the sun sink into the ocean. It is absolutely breathtaking. Nothing can quite match the beauty and elegance of Malibu with its gorgeous coastline and opulent homes, many of which are owned by well-known celebrities. And further north, Sausalito and Santa Barbara are truly unforgettable for their architecture and pristine beaches.

Wine country is another well-known destination for California visitors. Napa-Sonoma and Mendocino are two of the most interesting little towns in the world; and wine tasters from all over the world travel there to sample some fabulous California wines. Premium California wines are known to rival French wines, especially in the Chardonnay and Caberrnet Sauvignon categories.

And, it's a well-known fact that serious seafood lovers can't resist San Francisco. Fisherman's Wharf is well-known for having some of the best seafood in the world. After you eat, there are numerous other attractions to keep the entire family busy. From museums to aquariums to state parks and San Francisco's fabulous architecture, there's no shortage of things to do in the City by the Bay and you'll soon find that it is at the top of the list of great cities in the United States.

No matter where you travel in California when you set out to see America, you'll want to go back and spend more of your leisure time there. Whether you're a foodie, an art aficionado, snowboarder, surfer or just a family of tourists looking for a terrific time sightseeing, you'll be truly satisfied when you go "California Dreaming" at anytime of year.

Experience a full day at Squaw Valley , including delicious food, breathtaking views, exhilarating adventures, and of course, plenty of snow.  Grand events happen across the state of California all year long - here are some of our favorites.   View more!

Spotlight - A perfect day at Squaw Valley!

Enjoy summery weather year-round, hot air balloon rides, beach fun, Shamu, and breakfast with Goofy at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”.  Check out our California Attractions section for things to do. HERE!

Family Friendly Southern California!

Dine on delicious foods at local hideaways, then branch out to enjoy shopping both quirky and luxurious, dance-the-night-away clubs, and beachfront sunsets on a lively 3-day itinerary.

Eclectic Foods And Shopping in California

A Ride



Launching the balloon from the banks of the Consumes River is a spectacular experience and a true ballooning adventure. Unlike many other popular ballooning locations,  you will be flying over rivers, lakes, creeks, tall trees and stunning scenery. In the early morning hours it is not unusual to see a variety of both ground and airborne wildlife. With stunning views of the Deer Creek Hills Preserve and thousands of acres of protected oak forests, vernal pools and wildlife, this location is one of Northern California’s best secrets. With limited vehicular access to these areas, flying a balloon over them provides a rare view of some spectacular places! California Sky Drifting.......The only way to fly!

Special thanks to the California Office of Tourism for supporting
photography and content for this website.

California Event Calendar

Official California Tour Guide

CALIFORNIA State Facts, State Symbols and more!

Top 10 California Events 2014 Top 10 Events in California- including festivals, fairs and special activities. California
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