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Mt Rushmore

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The "See America" film crew captures America's Patriotic Spirit from coast to coast. Listen to people's stories of patriotism over the July 4th holiday as we bring you true Passion and Pride for the American Way. See the Spirit of America in an amazing array of dazzling fireworks from Seattle to Mt. Rushmore, St. Louis to Orlando and across the Carolinas.

This was a wonderful trip with contributing crews from across the country. It's guaranteed to get your flag waving.

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota Fireworks Presentation – July 3, 2008 extends special thanks to the South Dakota division of tourism for sharing their amazing fireworks celebration at Mt. Rushmore with the world through our website.  Mt. Rushmore is truly a resounding symbol of Patriotism and Pride in this country.  Its popularity as a featured destination by visitors from around these United States of America and the World continues to grow.  Mt. Rushmore is a wonderful example of what one thinks is impossible can be made possible through passion and commitment.  To see more of the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, please click here.  (  )
"A monument's dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated. We are not here trying to carve an epic, portray a moonlight scene, or write a sonnet; neither are we dealing with mystery or tragedy, but rather the constructive and dramatic moments or crises in our amazing history." Gutzon Borglum, Sculptor.

Asheville, North Carolina Fireworks Presentation – July 4, 2008

Asheville, North Carolina continues to be featured as a top destination to live and work in the United States.  Asheville is a neighboring city to the home of which is in Waynesville, NC.  We enjoyed visiting downtown Asheville and filming the fireworks presentation on the 4th of July which brought residents and tourists in from miles around.  All of us at are delighted to be neighbors with this wonderful city and hope that you find time to come experience our Mountain Pride and Majesty.  See more of Asheville, North Carolina by clicking here.   Visit Waynesville, North Carolina by clicking here.
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Brevard, North Carolina Independence Day Festival and Reading of the Declaration of Independence.  July 4, 2008

A wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day in America is by visiting Brevard, North Carolina nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This quaint community closes the downtown city streets for a large festival and stages the reading of the Declaration of Independence at city center.  The crew, Residents and visitors alike were moved by this heartfelt presentation honoring the document which is at the foundation of these United States.  We give high regards to this community for their Patriotic Spirit and Pride.  We were delighted to meet the Mayor Jimmy Harris as he welcomed the community to this event and began the reading of the Declaration.  If you have an opportunity – visit Brevard, North Carolina, you will love this charming community.  See more information on Brevard, NC by clicking here.
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Seattle, Washington Independence Day Celebrations and Fireworks Presentation – July 4, 2008
The See America Tour Crew took a trip to Seattle, Washington with Producer Brian Miller to experience how the west coast of the Unites States shows their Independence Day Pride.  We were delighted with the results seen in talking to the people around Seattle and with the dazzling displays of Fireworks over and around the Seattle Space Needle.  This is an event you won’t want to miss next year, but until then, take a moment to view some of the wonderful feature film we shot while in this beautiful city.  Seattle truly does America Proud with their patriotic spirit.  See more of Seattle by clicking here.   “Seattle is anything but ordinary”.   ( )

St. Louis, Missouri Fireworks including the St. Charles, Missouri Independence Day Parade – July 4, 2008

The See America Film Crew visited St. Charles, Missouri with film Producer Bob Anders for the annual Independence Day Parade and was delighted with the Patriotic Spirit Shown by the parade participants and spectators along the parade route.  This community has a wonderful small town charm and is located just outside St. Louis.  After covering the parade, our crew went to the St. Louis Arch to film a dazzling fireworks presentation that we are sure you will be captivated with.  Congratulations St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri for keeping the Spirit of America alive on these special occasions and throughout the year.  See more of St. Charles, Missouri by clicking here.   Visit St. Louis, Missouri and see more by clicking here.    ( )    ( )

Groveland, Florida Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks Show – July 4, 2008

Groveland, Florida is a small community just outside Orlando which comes together for special events throughout the year. producer – Doug Darlington spent time filming some of the hometown charm of this community and speaking to them about the Patriotism and Pride found there.  The day’s activities included a hotdog eating contest and bobbing for apples and concluded with a wonderful fireworks show that brought all of the spectators to their feet.  God Bless America and thank you Groveland for keeping your Patriotism strong.   Visit Groveland for yourself or click here to see more.  ( )

Atlanta, Georgia Fireworks Show – July 4, 2008

The See America Film Crew also visited Atlanta, Georgia for their annual Independence Day Celebration.  Our film producer Daniel Aguar captured the Patriotic Spirit of this major city by interviewing Atlanta area residents who spent the day with family and friends prior to the evening’s display of fireworks above the Atlanta skyline.  Atlanta, Georgia continues to make us Proud to be American and we think you will feel the same.  Please take a moment to view our brief documentary of Atlanta’s Patriotic Spirit.  This city makes us proud to be citizens and patriots for this great country.  See more on Atlanta for yourself by clicking here.  ( ).

Capital City / Lake Murray South Carolina Boat Parade and Fireworks Presentation – July 5, 2008

The See America Film Crew visited Capital City / Lake Murray Country South Carolina on the 5th of July to experience the Patriotism their community shows every year at their annual boat parade and Independence Day Fireworks Show over beautiful lake Murray.  We were warmly received by the local community including boat captain Jay Downs of the Southern Patriot and by Miriam Atria & Louise Meyers of the Capital City / Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board.  We believe you will be delighted by this presentation of creatively decorated boats, the local symphony performance and lakeside fireworks presentation.   Thank you South Carolina for sharing your Patriotic Spirit with!  To see more of the Capital City / Lake Murray Country, South Carolina destination, please click here. ( )


Mount Rushmore 4th of July Fireworks
Mt Rushmore

Aheville Fourth of July Celebration
Asheville, North Carolina

Brevard, NC, Fourth of July Celebration
Brevard, North Carolina

Seattle, WA, 4th of July Celebration
Seattle, Washington

Saint Louis Fourth of July Celebration

St. Charles, Missouri

Saint Louis Fourth of July Celebration

St. Louis, Missouri

Groveland, Florida Fourth of July Celebration
Groveland, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia Fourth of July Celebration
Atlanta, Georgia

Capitol City/ Lake Murray Fourth of July Boat Parade celebration
Lake Murray, South Carolina